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Headway is here to empower people of all ages to live an emotionally healthy life – including you. Whether you’re dealing with a serious mental illness or the natural ups and downs of life, we believe you have the ability to live your life with purpose. We all have that capability; we just need some help doing that sometimes.

Emotional Health During COVID-19

In this unprecedented time of risk to our physical health, we know the emotional health of many in our community is being negatively affected as well. Taking care of our emotional health during times of high stress and rapid change is especially important. Our professional staff are committed to provide effective care to all in our community who are in need.

We are still serving our current clients and we are increasing our capacity to reach out to those who are looking for emotional health support through this challenging period.

To ensure that we provide a supportive and safe environment for the community and our team members, we are following the guidelines of the CDC, the Governor, and the MN Department of Health. We will make sure we are following the most current advised steps.

We are currently providing services in person at our three locations as well as through telehealth.

We want to make sure we are accessible to you either in person or through interactive technology. If you are feeling ill, sheltering in place, or have self-quarantined, we encourage you to contact us so we can support your emotional health through a safe and secure method that allows you to stay in your home.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burdened by the COVID-19 coronavirus or its broader effects, we have expanded our capacity to minimize the wait times for new clients. Whether you want to process current events, learn how to manage stress and maintain your emotional health, or find support to keep your goals in the midst of unprecedented change, we’re here for you.

Who We Are

We're a 50-year old nonprofit serving the mental and emotional health needs of the greater Twin Cities metro area. We believe everyone has the ability to build and maintain themselves from the inside and develop resilience to live their life with purpose. From serious and persistent mental illness to managing emotions, from prenatal to old age, we're here for you, your family, and our whole community.


What Our Clients Have Said

I've worked with Headway for over ten years and the quality of the services they provide to youth and their family has been excellent. The staff genuinely care about their clients and want them to be successful, and they hold their young clients accountable for their behavior.

Willie Bridges, Office of the Hennepin County Attorney

I just want to say thank you for the support provided by Headway. We have had our new full time staff, Liz, for a week and many positive outcomes are being felt building wide.

Shannon McParland, Principal, Sioux Trail Elementary

Our son cares about himself and others around him… He has regained hope and faith in life, and as a family, we have a huge increase in the positive interaction and time we share. Thank you for giving us so much.

Headway Parent

Therapy Services


Children & Families

Whether you’re looking for help managing a mental health issue, working through a major life event, or just feeling “stuck,” we’re here for you. Our team offers a range of service options to meet you where you’re at and support you as you progress to where you want to be.

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When a child is facing a mental health issue, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We have a range of service options for children, adolescents, and families, from outpatient therapy to case management.

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What Type of Therapy is Right For You?

What Type of Therapy is Right For You? 2

What Type of Therapy is Right For You? 3


I'm looking for help for an adult.

I'm looking for help for a child.

I'm looking for help for a family.

I feel stuck and want some guidance.

Something happened suddenly that's thrown me.

I have a severe and persistent mental or emotional health issue.

I'm looking for general therapy.

I'm looking for a support program.

I'm not sure which I want.

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