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“Michael had no long term horizon, didn’t care about anything, was disengaged and had no foundation to start the recovery journey… Today he is a productive senior in HS involved in extra-curricular activities and thinking about college. (Headway) gave us traction, a positive track record of real accomplishments and new beginning.” 

- Headway Client

Ashley Anderson, MA, LMFT

Ashley Anderson

Bilingual Therapist

Phone: 763-746-2416
Fax: 763-746-2401
Email: ashley.anderson@headway.org
701 Decatur Avenue North
Suite 109
Golden Valley, MN 55427

Ashley joined Headway in February, 2016 and has worked in the human services field since 2011. She specializes in working with children ages 0-5 and their families, and also works with adolescents and adults. She specializes in child development and art, play and trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapies and is able to provide therapy focusing on a variety of different issues including parenting issues, family reunification and therapy, depression, anxiety, anger management, and ADHD. She is the facilitator of Headway’s Adolescent Anger Replacement Training Program and she also works with those exhibiting sexual deviant behaviors and sexual abuse victims. "I enjoy working with individuals and helping them through their difficulties in life," she says. "I want to help my clients identify ways to gain courage to overcome their challenges."

In her free time, Ashley enjoys running, cooking, and participating in any activity that relates to art.

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