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“Michael had no long term horizon, didn’t care about anything, was disengaged and had no foundation to start the recovery journey… Today he is a productive senior in HS involved in extra-curricular activities and thinking about college. (Headway) gave us traction, a positive track record of real accomplishments and new beginning.” 

- Headway Client

Co-Parenting / Co-Kids Family Seminar

$60/adult, $20/child (ages 5-12)

A seminar for parents and children around successfully navigating their "family change" transition. Parents and their children will meet separately and together during various portions of the 4 ½ hour seminar. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the seminar.

Parents will follow the Co-Parenting curriculum. This program satisfies the court requirement for Co-Parenting.

Co-Kids is an educational workshop for children ages 5-12. Two facilitators guide children through developmentally appropriate activities in separate age groups.

Co-Kids topics include:

  • What is a family?
  • Feelings exploration
  • Problem-solving
  • Effective communication with each parent
  • Boundaries and expectations
  • Coping techniques
  • Children's rights, parents' responsibilities

Held in Golden Valley and Richfield.

In our follow up survey of participants one year after attending our seminars, 92% found the classes helpful or extremely helpful in co-parenting with their partner. 96% would recommend the Headway seminars to other parents in a similar situation.

Recent parent feedback:

It's always helpful to paint a clearer picture for a fractured mind. Thanks so much.

I did not believe that a court mandated class on co-parenting would have any real substance or information that I could find useful. I was proven wrong. The facilitator did a great job presenting the material in a way that helped the people in attendance solve 'real life' situations.

Great! Excellent resource to raise healthy kids in a time of hurt. How to be a positive role model.

I didn't want to come, but I'm glad that I did because it was mind-opening.

The entire class was beneficial - but the realization that the co-parent has the same feelings really hit home.

It's just great being around people that are going through the same thing.

Excellent resources going forward... Can't think of a better resource for parents as they begin this new phase in their lives with each other and their children.

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