"I just want to say thank you for the support provided by Headway. We have had our new full time staff, Liz, for a week and many positive outcomes are being felt building wide."

-Shannon McParland, Principal, Sioux Trail Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why did you change your name from The Storefront Group to Headway?

We changed our name in 2011 because we felt Headway better represented our future direction and what the organization had become.

2. What makes Headway different from other mental health care organizations?

What makes us different is the breadth of services and programs we offer and our team structure that allows us to combine our varied resources to provide effective, lasting solutions. This also allows us the flexibility to adapt to meet specific needs of the individual, family, or community as they evolve.

3. Do you only serve children and adolescents?

We serve people of all ages. In addition to our general mental health services, we offer specialized services for children and youth including Day Treatment, sexual trauma treatment, truancy and mental health case management, diversion, dialectical behavioral therapy and psychiatric evaluation and medication management. For adults we also have comprehensive services for adults including outpatient therapy, divorce and parenting education, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, various therapy groups such as anger management, and more.

4. How are you funded?

While we bill insurance for many of our services, some of our specialty services are funded through contracts with counties, school districts or other sources.

5. Who are your board members?

Click here to see entire list.

6. How do I become a board member?

Contact CEO Pat Dale to learn more.

7. How can I help Headway help others?

We accept tax-deductible donations of all sizes, which allow us to offer our services to all who come to us, regardless of their ability to pay. 

8. Do you fundraise?

Headway is a 501(C)(3) Charitable Nonprofit. Donations to support Headway are tax deductible. . Funds raised support the many services Headway provides to those unable to cover 100% of the cost. Headway provides over $700,000 in charity care annually.

Location, Hours, Contact Information

9. Where is your office located?

Click here for all locations and their primary phone numbers.

10. Where is the nearest bus stop?

In Richfield: the # 18 stops directly in front of the building.
In Hopkins: nearest bus stop is Hwy 7 and 12th Ave. N.
In Golden Valley: Betty Crocker Dr. and General Mills; and Winnetka Ave and Valley Square.

Go to the MTC site for the most updated information.

11. What are your hours of business?

In Richfield and Golden Valley, our hours are generally from 8am to 8pm with a few exceptions.

In Hopkins and Brooklyn Center, our programming runs from 8am – 3pm. Hopkins and Brooklyn Center therapists do offer individual and family sessions outside of these hours. Please call to determine when your provider is available.

12. What are your fax numbers?

Click here, then click on the location you are interested in for the list of fax numbers.

13. What are your main phone numbers?

Click here for the list of numbers at all our locations.


14. I am interested in working/interning for Headway. What do I do?

Click here for information on Internship and employment opportunities


15. How soon can I get an appointment?

Availability varies, depending on your preference, location and the services you need.

16. How do I schedule an appointment?

For new clients, please call our Intake Coordinator for more information regarding appointments: 763-746-2411

For current clients, please call the front desk at your therapist’s location.

Richfield: 612-861-1675

Golden Valley: 763-746-2400

Hopkins: 952-426-6600

Brooklyn Center: 763-569-5200

17. What is your cancellation policy?

Please cancel 24 hours before your appointment, or you may be charged a fee.

18. How do I reschedule my appointment?

Please call the front desk at your location as soon as possible.

Insurance, Costs and Payment

19. Do you offer sliding scale fees to lower income clients?

In most cases we do. Please call the Intake Coordinator at 763-746-2411 to see if you qualify. You will need to fill out an application and provide some form of income verification.

20. What insurance do you accept?

We are in network for the following insurances:

  • Medicare
  • MN Medical Assistance
  • BHP
  • UBH (Medica)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Health Partners
  • United Healthcare
  • TriCare
  • Life Synch
  • Aetna
  • Preferred One

We do accept all insurances, though your co-pay may be higher if we are out of network.

21. How much does outpatient therapy cost without insurance?

Standard fees are $180 an hour for intake sessions, while ongoing therapy appointments are $120 per hour. We offer a sliding scale depending on your income level.

Outpatient Services

22. How I do I know if I or my family member needs a therapist? When do I need help?

If you are asking the question, it might not hurt to get some help. People seek therapy for a number of reasons and if you wait until you “need” help versus “want” help, the therapy could take longer. The general rule is that therapy can be helpful when someone’s functioning is being affected by mental health concerns such as not sleeping, grades falling at school, inability to concentrate at work, or finding it easier to stay home rather than go out and do the things you usually like to do. In some cases folks seek out a therapist for growth experiences when they are feeling stuck. Most therapists would be willing to have a conversation over the phone to start with to advise you on whether seeking “help” would be “helpful.”

23. What areas of expertise do your therapists have?

Our therapists have varying degrees, expertise, experience and backgrounds, giving us the opportunity to meet the needs of anyone who comes to us for help. Please click here to see the kinds of services and programs we offer to people of all ages throughout the Twin Cities.

22. Do you have photos of therapists on your site?

Yes. Click here for information about and photos of our team members.

23. Can I switch therapists if I feel like it's not a good match?

Yes. We make every effort to match you with a provider who will best meet your needs, but if at any time you decide it’s not a good fit, we will happily work with you to find someone else.

24. How do I decide which therapist to see?

An Intake Coordinator is available to discuss options that will be best for you.

25. What do I do in times of crisis or emergency?

In an emergency call 911 right away. Headway does not currently offer crisis services.

Divorce Education

26. What kinds of divorce education classes do you offer?

Click here to see our full offerings.

27. I’ve been ordered by the court to take Divorce Education classes. What do you offer that will meet the requirements?

We offer many classes that will meet court requirements. Click here to see our full list of classes.

28. How do I register for Divorce Education classes?

Please click here to register.

29. Do you offer classes online?

No. We do not provide online classes at this time.

Testing & Assessments

30. Do you test for ADHD and other learning disabilities?

Yes, call 763-746-2411 for more information.

31. Do you do Rule 25 assessments?

We used to, but do not currently.

32. Do you do psychological assessments?

Yes, call 763-746-2411 for more information.

33. Do you do psychosexual assessments?

Yes, call 763-746-2411 for more information.

34. Do you do anger assessments?

Yes, call 763-746-2411 for more information.

35. What kind of groups do you offer?

We offer groups for sexual trauma, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, anger management, and more. Please call 763-746-2411 to find out what groups we are currently offering -- they change often.

Medication Refills

36. My medication prescription needs to be refilled. What do I do?

Please call the refill line at 763-746-2420 or your pharmacy. Please take into account that it may take 48-72 hours for us to get back to you, so please call several days before your prescription runs out.

Medical Records

37. Do you charge to release my records?

There is no fee for us to release your records.

38. How can I get my medical records sent to another organization? How long will it take?

Please come into one of our locations and complete a Release of Information Form at the front desk - we'll help you fill it out. After you have submitted the form it may take up to 10 days for the other organization to receive your records.

39. How can I see my records?

You are welcome to review your records. Simply talk to your therapist about this process.

40. Are Headway clients’ records covered under HIPAA privacy protection?

Yes. Like any health care organization, we are subject to and respect the privacy protection regulations under HIPAA as well as other privacy laws and standards. If you have questions about this, please see the Notice of Privacy Practices you received at intake or speak with your therapist.

41. Can I see my children's records?

Please call the front desk, 612-861-1675 to speak to the clinical director about your specific situation.

Special Therapy Definitions

42. What is diversion?

Click here for more information on our Diversion program.

43. What is DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

This program, developed by Marsha Linehan, is for adolescents between the ages of 14 and 18 and adults who are suicidal, self-injurious and have difficulty managing their emotions and sustaining relationships. Through individual therapy, skills groups and coaching, our DBT program helps participants learn to become more mindful of their feelings, thoughts and behaviors; regulate their emotions and become more resilient; manage distress and increase impulse control; improve relationships and self-respect; and balance acceptance and change. Get more information on our Adolescent and Adult DBT programs.

44. What is EMDR? 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is a structured form of psychotherapy to help clients overcome unresolved, highly disturbing life experiences. It addresses trauma-related disorders resulting from exposure to a distressing event or series of events, such as rape or military combat. Click here for more information on EMDR at Headway.

Obtaining Special Services for Children and Adolescents

45. How do I get mental health case management for my adolescent/client?

To request case management in Hennepin County, a referral source (parent, guardian, school, social worker, etc.) needs to call our Case Management Coordinator at 612-226-5760. Referrals are available to all children ages 3-17 yrs. old who have a mental health diagnosis that significantly impacts the child's functioning at home, school, or in the community. Click here for more information.

46. How do I get my child involved with Headway services offered at their school?

Contact the Headway therapist at your child’s school. Click here for a list of current school districts and contact information.

Other questions we did not cover?

Click here to submit a question. Thanks!

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