Assessment and Testing

Psychological testing uses a broad array of assessments to understand a person’s strengths as well as clarify the source of psychological symptoms. Results of testing are used to create recommendations that empower our clients to live emotionally healthy lives. We also conduct re-evaluations to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to recommended action plans. At Youable, we provide psychological testing services to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

What is the process like?

Our Intake office will help set up your appointment. They will ask for some basic information and schedule an initial appointment with one of our licensed mental health professionals. The assessment is usually done over the course of three appointments. The first appointment is a one-hour structured interview, which informs the testing process -- the results help us tailor the next appointment’s tests to your specific needs. The next appointment is a three- to four-hour testing session. Four weeks after the testing session, when the results of the testing have been organized, there is a feedback appointment to review the results and recommendations with you. You will receive a final evaluation report which includes detailed treatment and intervention recommendations.

What types of assessments do you do?

• ADHD Assessments - Child, Adolescent, and Adult)
• Child and Adolescent Sexual Behavior Assessments
• Disability Waivers – Adolescents and Adults

Are assessments covered by insurance?

Yes! We accept all major insurance companies as well as MA for clients seeking testing services.

Outpatient Therapy

Our outpatient therapy can help with everything, from managing your emotions to managing severe and persistent mental illnesses. Located at our Richfield site five days a week, our outpatient therapy team is trauma-informed to best empower everyone to live an emotionally healthy life.

Home Resources

Looking for things you can start doing right away, at home? Our therapists and mental health workers have written some guides, tips, and articles to help.

Michael had no long term horizon, didn’t care about anything, was disengaged and had no foundation to start the recovery journey… Today he is a productive senior in high school involved in extra-curricular activities and thinking about college. Youable gave us traction, a positive track record of real accomplishments, and a new beginning.

Youable Parent

I have been living with mental illnesses since I was 13, and hospitalized more than 10 times since I was 19. After being in therapy for the last six months, I feel more stable than I have in my whole life... I love what they have done for me.

Youable Client

I've worked with Youable for over ten years and the quality of the services they provide to youth and their family has been excellent. The staff genuinely care about their clients and want them to be successful, and they hold their young clients accountable for their behavior.

Willie Bridges, Office of the Hennepin County Attorney

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