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“I have been living with mental illnesses since I was 13... hospitalized more than 10 times since I was 19. After being in therapy for the last six months, I feel more stable than I have in my whole life... I love what they have done for me.” 

- Headway Client

Kimberly Mensing, MS, LMFT

Kimberly Mensing 2

Mental Health Therapist

Phone: 763-313-7879
Fax: 763-746-2401
701 Decatur Avenue North
Suite 109
Golden Valley, MN 55427 

Kimberly joined Headway in May, 2016 and has worked in human services since 2010.  She specializes in Parent Child Interaction Therapy, CBT, DBT and Attachment therapies and has experience working with a variety of different populations including children, families, and couples.   She has worked with clients on the autism spectrum, sexual offenders, those in day treatment settings or inpatient at hospitals and also those receiving Intensive Residential Treatment Services.  "Being in a school based therapy setting, I can support my clients through many life issues that they experience and provide support for mental illness, daily life situations, family dynamics, and also have a chance to learn who each client is," she says.  "My main role as a therapist is to empower my clients to find their strengths to grow and be successful in their own lives."

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, trying out new restaurants, and spending time at the lake with her husband and 4-year old.  

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