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“Three things in my life saved me from going down a path of misery and depression:  my mother, God, and the staff (at Headway)…With each struggle I face now, I am filled with the courage and skills to take a healthy approach to fixing whatever it is that is I am having trouble with.”

- Headway Client

Men's Anger Management

What is Anger Management?
Headway’s Men’s Anger & Abuse Group Therapy Program started in 1987. It is designed for men with general anger management issues -- such as in the workplace, simple assault or road rage – and for men involved in more serious domestic abuse and child protection cases.

This is an intensive group therapy program designed to instill behavioral and attitude changes, and a better understanding of where uncontrolled anger comes from. The purpose is to learn and actively practice new skills, tools, and techniques to understand and manage your anger, feel better about yourself in day-to-day life and significantly improve relationships at home and work.

Who Can Join the Group?
Some clients join voluntarily to improve primary or martial relationships troubled by his physical, verbal or psychological behavior toward a spouse or partner. Some participants are court-ordered or referred by child protection to complete a comprehensive anger management group, while others have been referred by their company’s human resources (HR) department for anger problems in the workplace.

When and Where?
The group meets Tuesday evenings, 6:15 to 8:15 at our Golden Valley location. Pre-admission requirement is four to six individual therapy sessions with one of the group facilitators where you are given the groundwork necessary to be successful in the group. Both the individual sessions and group work are self paced so exact time frames are not possible, but most finish the group within 25 – 35 sessions. Call 763-746-2411 to set initial appointment.

We meet all qualifications for court ordered anger assessment and anger management groups. Individual and group are usually covered by insurance and a sliding scale is available, based on income.

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