What makes Headway different from other mental health providers?

We offer a wide breadth of services in a team environment, focusing not only on diagnosable mental illnesses, but on developing a strong emotional base as well. Practically speaking, that means that you have our full organization of therapists and mental health workers working together, recommending internal programs, to give you the best, individualized care for your needs. For example, you may begin with us via your child's school-based therapist and, at their recommendation, transition to outpatient therapy with case management support.

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What insurance do you accept?

My insurance doesn’t cover mental or emotional health therapy/my insurance premium is too high for me to afford therapy/I don’t have insurance. Can you still help me?

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Are Headway client records protected by HIPAA privacy protection?

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I’ve heard of Headway in relation to Hennepin County. Do you work with them?

I've heard you do school-based therapy. Do you have a therapist at my child's school?

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