Clarice Lewis, MS - Internship and Training Coordinator


A Little About Clarice’s Role

Clarice joined Headway in March 2022. She has worked in human services for eight years, with past experience working as a Court Operations Lead for the 2nd Judicial Branch. She works provide training opportunities for staff at Headway, onboard interns for programs at Headway, establish and execute policies and procedures for the intern and training program. “I I am excited to recruit interns and provide them with an onboarding experience that will set the foundation for long term success. I am excited to establish and collaborate with schools, faculty members, staff at Headway to ensure program effectiveness,” she says. “I want interns that are not only here to learn but are here to make a difference in the community, here to provide a safe space for families to engage and get support.”

When she is not working, Clarice enjoys trying new restaurants and traveling with her family.

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